About Us


Vigor Vibe, an original law enforcement fitness lifestyle brand founded by active police officers dedicated to improving the lives of those who serve. A brand that embodies police culture, courage, and strength.

We are proud to announce every product sold by Vigor Vibe a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Association (L.E.M.A.). LEMA is a state-wide volunteer honor guard that is involved in every fallen officer's funeral who is killed in the line of duty. Together we can help our brothers and sisters who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

"Vigor Vibe is a movement; together we form the thin blue line."


Josh Raze, the CEO and founder of the brand is a full time police officer, part time personal trainer and business owner. Josh started Vigor Vibe with one goal in mind, to create a law enforcement fitness movement to empower police officers to live to their full potential and to live a healthy lifestyle. Josh recognized the growing problem of obesity in law enforcement so he set out to create a brand that would motivate police officers to live fit. Josh has big plans with the brand to create a fitness platform that would offer extensive knowledge pertaining to proper training, nutrition, and mindset advice to help police officers live a better life. "Vigor Vibe is more than a mindset, its a way of life." - Josh Raze CEO