The Silent Cop Killer | Obesity in Law Enforcement

Everyday we go to work risking our lives, not knowing if we will come home alive. Every shift we prepare ourselves to battle those moments of despair but when it comes to our daily health, we don’t care.

As a police officer you are 25x more likely to die from a weight related cardiovascular disease then being killed in the line of duty. In 2014 the FBI did a study which found 8 out of 10 police officers were over weight and of those police officers 40 percent were obese, which deemed our profession the fastest profession in the country, not the least. As a police officer hearing those words I was equally astonished and appalled. You mean we go to work everyday risking our lives for people we don’t necessarily know but when it comes to taking care of ourselves we drop the ball? We are supposed to be leaders in our community and be able to step up when we are needed but too many cops are showing up to work already defeated.

Being a police officer is a very stressful job I completely understand but when is enough, enough? It’s time to take a stand. We are supposed to be the best, have we forgotten how to carry ourselves when were not wearing a badge on our chest?

The time to change how we carry ourselves is now, I want you to be apart of Vigor Vibe something you can wear and be proud. Vigor Vibe is a law enforcement fitness brand, that is dedicated to empowering police officers to take stand. No longer will we neglect ourselves, it’s time we take care of our health.

We are on a mission to change the lives of those who serve, to empower each other to live the life we deserve. Vigor Vibe is more than a mindset it’s a way of life, don’t take your life for granted you don’t get to live it twice.


-Officer Josh Raze (CEO Vigor Vibe Apparel)


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